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Our mission is to increase the average donation amount of our target demographic and to increase the overall effectiveness of each donation.

We believe we can do this by making the donation process more transparent. We believe that if we, the donors, knew how impactful our donations were at a personal level, and where we stood across the spectrum of our demographic, we would be inclined to donate more, and donate more effectively. It all started at a speakeasy in New York. We were sitting together, talking about where we donated last year, and realized there was no single platform that catered to what we wanted. And then, over the next 6 months, we argued and debated until we knew what we were trying to achieve. We know what we are and we know what we are not. We are a not-for-profit and the ethos of what we are doing relies on that. We will start small, but have big dreams that we hope to shape with you.

The Team

Co-founder & Head of Product

Co-founder & Head of Technology

Co-founder & Head of Strategy & Finance